Our Vision is set forth by serving, teaching, equipping, developing and sending out disciples to all nations.

Evangel Temple is a member of the UNITED FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, USA. The UFGC has churches in other parts of Washington and the United States. The UFGC also has partnership ministries in the mission fields of Eastern Europe, Philippines, West Africa, South Africa and India. The UFGC has District Revivals in May of each year and it’s Annual Conference in the first week of August.

The UFGC is also a member of the FEDERATED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH, INTERNATIONAL. The FPC is an organization made up of a conglomerate of church organizations. These organizations are situated through out the USA and Africa. The emphasis of the FPC is fellowship and working together to accomplish much more as a larger body or organization. The FPC emphasis is introduced as one church. This allows us to operate and function under one name and do the work of God as He gives it to the leaders.