Welcome to the Mission Department at Evangel Temple! We will keep you up to date regarding the various mission ministries that we are involved in. One that we are really excited about are our youth in Sierra Leone who we have adopted! Their business they started in 2011 is called the New Horizon Food Production Company. There are ways to donate to help support the cause!

About New Horizon Food Production Company:

The Mile 38 Community is located at the heart of Sierra Leone with possible interactions that connect the major cities of the country. It is strategically placed so much so that it provides an enviable link between the capital, Freetown and other major provincial towns. It has a total population of seven hundred inhabitants. This number includes a number of NGO workers, school teachers, businessmen and women, military personnel and a host of others. Very recently, the establishment of the major road-check point in Mile 38 linking the provincial areas to the capital, Freetown is also helping to beef-up the population as more military personnel of different job description are being relocated at Mile 38 with their families.

The capital, Freetown heavily depends on Kabala, a town on the northern most part of the country for the supply of vegetables and livestock which is almost two hundred and forty-seven miles off. It is against this background of strategic advantage of proximity which Mile 38 offers, that the initiative of establishing a livestock and vegetable production company was formed.

Please view the testimonials of the orphans in Mile 38 Orphanage

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